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A nation where everyone lives a healthier life without discrimination and free from Non-Communicable Diseases.                     


To effectively engage in the prevention, control and alleviation of the Non-Communicable Diseases burden through harnessing the efforts of its members 

Main Objectives

  • To advocate for the prioritization of NCDs by the government of the Republic of Zambia, and to ensure tangible wins are secured for national NCDs.
  • To strengthen accountability of the Government of the Republic of Zambia with attention to the commitments that were made in line with the global commitments targets and plans, through monitoring review and action.
  • To effectively and sustainably stimulate capacity development aimed at empowering and supporting its members.
  • To works with member organizations to translate knowledge and policy into action, and prioritise good practices in evidence based policy formulation and implementation.
  • To catalyse dialogue and build consensus on priority issues by facilitating and convening meetings, high profile event and roundtables focused on topical themes.